Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design.
Originally from Germany, currently based in London, UK.

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Clients ︎︎︎ Meta, Google, BBC, Nike, Dell, Alienware, Huawei, Mosa Meat, Formo, Cinereach, Chef Coco, Remagine, Foodji, and more ︎ 

Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design based in Amsterdam, NL.


Chef Coco

Web and Application Design for the food delivery service Chef Coco in Berlin.

UX Design
UI Design


Walli’s World

Analogue collecting cards for children to use smartphones in a productive instead of destructive way. They can discover nature, physics, sports and more through experiments guided by their phones. This was my bachelor thesis project.

Critical Design
UX Research and Design


Cit Together

This project addresses the lack of communication in our society. Most people rarely come into contact with strangers.

In order to strengthen the feeling of community we built a conceptual set up that allows strangers to talk to each other without prejudices.

Critical Design
Urban Design

Digital Wellbeing

We noticed that we constantly use our Smartphones but rarely realise the effect they have on our mental health and overall wellbeing. This project is a conceptual work to improve digital wellbeing.

UX Design

Good Night.

A notebook for young doctors starting their careers to reflect on their day and to help to cope with the experiences of the day.

Just for fun :)