Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design.
Originally from Germany, currently based in London, UK.

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Clients ︎︎︎ Meta, Google, BBC, Nike, Dell, Alienware, Huawei, Microsoft, Mosa Meat, Formo, Cinereach, Chef Coco, Remagine, Foodji, and more ︎ 

Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design based in Amsterdam, NL.



Located in the tranquil mountains of Southern Germany, you can find a wineyard owned and run by Thomas. His true love and appreciation for nature motivates him to produce three types of delicious wine each year. 

He approached me to help him convey his vision to the people that will come by to buy his wine – each bottle is unique, handcrafted and made with love.

Together we created this brand that is called ‘Unruhestand’ – 'unrestful retirement' or 'unretirement' in English because Thomas refuses to be inactive or unproductive.

Product Design
Because each bottle is handcrafted by Thomas and his family we came up with a system to ensure each bottle looks and feels different to the next.

The labels are printed on individual stickers that can be matched together for each bottle. The stickers are placed onto the bottle by hand and will therefore end up looking differently each time.

Web Design
To tell Thomas’ story we created a website and social media presence where people can learn more about him, the process and order some wine too. 

Thomas organises regular events at the wineyard where people can hike up, grab a drink and some regional snacks and enjoy the view. These events are promoted online by us.

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