Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design.
Originally from Germany, currently based in London, UK.

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Clients ︎︎︎ Meta, Google, BBC, Nike, Dell, Alienware, Huawei, Microsoft, Cambridge University, Mosa Meat, Formo, Cinereach, Chef Coco, Remagine, Foodji, and more ︎ 

Noemi Roser

Multidisciplinary designer, specialised in interaction and UX design based in Amsterdam, NL.


Walli’s World

Children’ smartphones used as a tool to explore the world.

We created analogue collecting cards and an App. The collecting cards can be purchased in packs of four anywhere where regular collecting cards can be found (e.g. supermarkets, kiosks, etc.).

Each of them is different, they can be collected or traded. The children are guided by the squirrel Walli.

75% of the children in Germany at the age of 9 years own a smartphone. They mostly spend their time consuming videos on streaming platforms and playing games. Typically they spend more than three hours a day doing this, these numbers have grown a lot during the COVID 19 pandemic.

This behaviour has a strong impact on a child‘s development and it often leads to physical and psychological diseases and a damaged child-parent relationship.

When scanned by the App, children are encouraged to discover a specific topic in the physical and digital world. This could be an experiment at home, a physical game or the discovery of a complex topic. These experiences are physical but can only be realized with the help of the smartphone.

The Board Game
When the cards are flipped, children can play a board game that is moderated by the smartphone. This encourages social interaction which is, according to experts, the most effective antidote for overconsumption.

Created with the help of Ferdinand Sorg and Joshua Bökle in 2021

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